They say the worst thing about being lied to is knowing you were not worth the truth. In a marriage, lying can be very toxic and lead to pain and hurt on the person who was lied to.

Men lie for different reasons and some lies can be absolutely harmless but when the woman finds out, it could make things worse.

It’s better to come clean and tell the truth no matter how bad the situation because if the woman finds out on her own, she will feel horrible.

For women, there get a gut feeling the man is lying especially if he is behaving out of character. Here are three easy ways to know when yoru husband is lying:

1. His story doesn’t add up

Heated argument

He’s telling you that he was out with a friend and when you ask who, the name he gives is fake. or perhaps you were with that friend at the time he said he was with him.

You then wonder, which is it? None of the stories could be true if they are all lies so ask him to come clean.

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2. He cannot look you in the eye

angry couple 1

When a man is arguing his case and he knows he is right, he will look you in the eyes. It’s a sign that he is pushing his case forward and he believes it’s the truth.

However, if he is talking to you but looking everywhere but your eyes, you don’t need to wonder why. If he is lying, he may not be too comfortable with the lie and so will not look at you in the eyes.

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3. He doesn’t give you straight answers

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When you accuse someone of something, they will defend themselves. If your man refuses to defend himself and instead tries to spin it around, he may be hiding something.

He should be able to assure you he is saying the truth. But if he tries to make you feel stupid for asking him or for suspecting him, it may be that you caught him in a lie.

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