18+ Only!! Have You Ever Had 2 or 3 Some Sex Before? – How Was It? (Share Your Experience Here)

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Welcome to another interesting edition of NL 18+ Sex Talk, where we get to discuss interesting and dick arousing matters 😂😂😂

Is there any English word like “Arousing”? Well, I sha don use am and you understand very well, that’s the most important thing 😋

IMPORTANT WARNING:- Like I always say, if you know you are yet to clock age 18, please close this page or CLICK HERE to watch Tom & Jerry cartoon videos but if you are 18+, you should keep reading.

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Today, Let’s talk about having a Gang sex such as Twosome, Threesome , 4, 5, 6, 7 and so on and so forth kinda sex, if you are a bad boy or bad girl like myself, you will enjoy this post.

Ever since you’ve been fvcking 👇

Have You Ever Had 2 or 3-Some Sex Or Gang Fvck? (Share Your Experience)

No lies guys, we really want to know if you’ve tried it out before 😉

This post go sweet, I swear, let me go grab my Pop corn and Coke and be chilling in the comment section below.

Oya, drop your comments


I have tried 2-some (Twosome) more than 5 times now but I will share the last experience I had in Ibadan

Na so I enter one night for Ibadan, met this very beautiful girl (She looks like an Home girl, I sensed she wasn’t an Olosho, so I was really happy). I spoke to her and she agreed to follow me home but there’s a problem 😢 She came to the club with her younger sister and she can’t leave her except they are both going to the same place.

I was kinda sad but I told her the truth that I lodged in an Hotel and I was lucky to get the last room in the hotel, I jokingly tell her if her sister won’t mind sharing the room with us but how do we enjoy ourself without your sister interuppting us, I asked.

Interestingly, she said that’s not a problem and we all left the Club for the Hotel, when Match start ehn, the sister was forced to join us on the Bed when she could no longer resist her sister’s soundtrack.

Na so I take nack both of them that night ooo 😄 Guess what guys, they did not ask for 10 Kobo as they left in the Morning, I was just feeling fly, I know my things is so yummy and they won’t forget me in a rush 😭😭😭

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