Our life is so short to see everything that is happening around the world. These photos will guide you into the unknown side of human existence.
Four different pics? Look again! It is a single picture having very tricky perspective. A tiny sea turtle is riding a jellyfish back. This wolf is made of pipe cleaners only. The sandbar near the Bermuda Triangle has destroyed 16 ships. This machine can weave the bricks and lay them like this. A watch from inside. Hoover Dam when there was no water. These are the perfect pyrite cubes made by nature. This is crystalline, brittle metal known as Bismuth. The world as seen by a human (top image) and by a cat (bottom image). The fish that ate 10x prey of its own mass. Looks like ice? But this is the glass that got melted in a building fire. Divers are enjoying being in the swimming pool that is 113 ft deep and can contain up to 600,000 gallons of water. Simple color pencils can create such thing! These giant swords are the memorial located on the Norway coast.

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