Your teeth clench down painfully and your blood pressure rises at the mention of your boss’s name? Perhaps you even own a voodoo doll bearing his likeness. Then the pictures below are too real for you! (H/t: Zikoko)
When the boss shouts at you for being like a minute late. When you hear that he won't show up at the office today. When he makes you do work that is literally none of your business. When the boss expects that you read his mind. ...And then gets annoyd when you do something wrong. When he tells you to come into work on a holiday. When he insults you in front of your colleagues.
When he threatens to fire you every other day.When you've already closed from work and he calls you to come back in. When the boss acts like your job is easy or trivial. When he doesn't pay your salary on time. When he refuses to give you sick leave till he sees you vomiting blood.


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