NDITO BOYS & GIRLS ORGANISATION is a holistic development initiative creating opportunities for youth for the purpose of empowering them for a decent livelihood.
NDITO BOYS & GIRLS ORGANISATION is established are to:
1. Develop and promote ideas and/or organize programmes and/or engage in activities that will enhance adequate development of the youth either solely or in collaboration with government agency, non –governmental organizations, community based organizations, international and/or foreign agencies.
2. Sensitize and organize youth into groups for development and empowerment programmes.
3. Develop and promote talents among the rural youth.
4. Organize local, national, international learned conferences, seminars, workshops and awards focusing on the youth capacity building, and empowerment initiatives for full integration into the main stream of state and national economic development in Nigeria.
5. Organize and sponsor local, national and international competitions, shows, exhibitions, holidays and exchange programmes for youth.
6. Identify development research areas/problems, conditions and promote researches focusing on the youth.
7. Organize training for youth on: Exploration of Rural Resources, Improved Farm Practices, Poverty Alleviation Techniques, Life Enhancement and Sex Education, HIV/AIDS Prevention and Income Generating/ Entrepreneurial Activities, Information and Communication Management Technologies etc.
8. Participate in and contribute to youth advancement activities at the local, national and international levels.
9. Produce, source and circulate printed and non-printed materials related to the youth for the purpose of education and training.
10. Establish institutions or groups for the purpose of empowering the youth for a decent livelihood.
  • Opportunities for Youth
  • Small Business Support Scheme
  • Empowerment Training Workshop
Contact Office: Plot 6 C-Line, Ewet Housing Estate, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.
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