[Source telegraph.co.uk] Papua New Guinea’s notorious bank robber, William Kapris, has escaped from the country’s main prison during a mass breakout, just three years after he last broke out from the same maximum security jail. Kapris, who escaped with 32 high-risk prisoners, sparked a manhunt across the Pacific nation in 2010 after he escaped with the help of a woman who posed as a lawyer and who then pulled a gun on guards.

The criminal mastermind was eventually recaptured but made headlines two years later when police discovered he had fifteen paid sexual encounters with a female warden at Bomana Prison, near the capital, Port Moresby.

Police said Kapris led the latest armed escape and had “inside assistance”.

“He had two guns,” a police spokesman said.

“Kapris was the one who led the break-out. These prisoners are high-risk prisoners, the worst of the worst He definitely had inside assistance.”

Kapris was on the run for eight years until 2008 after escaping police detention while being treated at a hospital in Port Moresby.

He then caused a political scandal after a taped police confession was leaked and appeared on YouTube.

The one-hour video revealed his claims that Asian gangs were supporting the country’s politicians and that both gangsters and government ministers had supported his bank robberies.

The former Australian colony, which gained independence in 1975, has high rates of violent crime and has struggled to control street gangs in the main cities.

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