When your faith is so strong you can spend 3 years of your life rewriting the sacred book by hand.


Artist Tünzale Memmedzade, from Azerbaijan, has grabbed attantion of the whole world with a lavish Quran she created using liquid gold and silver, 50 meters of silk and her devotion and patience.

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It took the inventive artist 3 years to transcribe the Quran onto black fine sheets and the result is captivating even for atheists!


Memmedzade, aged 33, decided to implent her unusual idea into life after learning that the sacred text had been rewritten onto various materials, however, it has never been inked on silk.

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She used the text based on the version released from the Diyanet, the Turkish Presidency of Religious Affairs as her source to create a breathtaking masterpiece.


The painter hopes her work doesn’t violate any religious law as there are silk references in the Quran itself.

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