Christmas comes and goes but me thinks 2012 Christmas celebrations in Uyo is or will be a special one. Oh well, we’re losing our colleagues, family and friends to our sister state (Cross River State) due to the on-going month-long Calabar Festival but a few of us back home are still finding time to chill out! Last night, I was on a cruise round town to see what’s up with the city as we prepare for Christmas and I was so surprised when I got to Nwaniba Roundabout (Edet Akpan Avenue – 4Lanes) here in Uyo.
There, I met a huge crowd with everyone hanging out together in small groups taking photographs, chatting, sharing ‘small chops’, singing and dancing together! I guess everyone was happy! I could see it on their faces! 
 Flashlights from cameras could be spotted from almost every corner of the roundabout and what really caught my attention was the Christmas light decoration spread across the length and breadth of the road. The inflated ‘Father Christmas’ stature erected just by the water fountain was also a sight to behold. Everyone was either hugging him or taking a picture beside him. 
Young ladies were all over the place in their bum-shorts; young guys with their ‘sagged’ jeans and everyone seem to have fun. I could see well over 300 people and most of them were taking photographs in a miniature manger made with wrought iron laced with assorted Christmas lights.
It is time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ but I still maintain that I have never seen a thing of this kind in any parts of the city or have you? 
Well…well…well…this leaves us to wonder if Nwaniba Roundabout is truly the new Christmas Village in Uyo or is there another booming location that I don’t know about…What’s your take on this?
Aniekan Ekah

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