We Can Do Better, Klopp Tells Liverpool
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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has asked his team to improve on their performance after a 3-3 draw against Watford at the Vicarage Road Stadium.

Klopp, in an interview with the club’s website on Saturday, identified some of the errors the players made during the match.

He said, “We had more chances, especially after set-pieces, with very good crosses, good headers and they were lucky in these situations and we were extremely unlucky.”

“Then we scored two wonderful goals in the second half, it was really good; we had our moments and then we conceded an offside goal. That’s really not fun, it’s difficult to accept. It feels not too good, but we know we can do better and have to do better – that’s what I told the boys”.

The 50-year-old German noted that the players must understand that the league game requires more focus and preparation than a pre-season game.

He added that they needed to acknowledge their mistakes and work harder to get better in order to stay ahead of their rivals.

“In football life, it makes sense to be really self-critical and that’s what we are of course but in the end, if you do everything on the first matchday, you cannot expect perfection.

“You have to fight for a result, you have to use the things you create and you have to accept a few things for this day but to use it for the next game and try to work on it. Everything is different in a league game than a pre-season game. I was not happy in the first half with the situation; it was very physical and Watford were too often the winners in these situations,” he said.

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