Uyo Club 1935 Reaffirms Support for Governor Udom Emmanuel

The attention of the President and members of Uyo Club 1935 has been drawn to an article published on page 14 of Wednesday, May 24, 2017’s edition of Global Concord Newspaper titled “Youth! Youth!! Youth!!! Akwa Ibom State Governor Must Hear This”, an article written by Aniefiok Essah.

The Club wishes to state that the ideas and sentiments expressed in the publication are personal to Edet Tom Udo (Eddy Pedro) and do not reflect the thinking and or policy of Uyo Club 1935. Ours is a Recreation Club, apolitical and Secular in nature.

According to the President of the Club, Rt. Hon. Uwem Ekanem, by the provision of the Constitution of the Club, the Governor of Akwa Ibom State is the Grand Patron and therefore the benefactor of the club.

“We therefore disassociate ourselves totally from the said chat purported to have taken place in Uyo Club. The member involved has been suspended indefinitely while the case has been referred to Disciplinary Committee of the Club for further action.

“We wish to apologize to His Excellency, Governor Udom Emmanuel, our Grand Patron, for whatever embarrassment the publication might have caused him. We remain loyal and identify with the policies and programmes of the present administration.

“The interaction with Eddy Pedro at the club was without our knowledge and permission, and we therefore dissociate ourselves from the publication. We are not a party to that publication. It does not represent our thinking and position as far as this present government of Akwa Ibom State and Governor Udom Emmanuel is concerned. It was clearly personal to Eddy Pedro.

“Mr Udom Emmanuel is the Governor of this state, and by the constitution, finest spirits, traditions and norms of this club, we invested on him (Governor Emmanuel) as our Grand Patron. And so, he is one of our benefactors. Definitely, we cannot be held to say or publish anything that directly or remotely would put his administration or himself as a person in bad light.

“Uyo Club 1935 associates with all the laudable projects Governor Emmanuel has taken up in the state. We associate with his good governance even in the face of economic down turn in the country. He is governing the state well. The projects is embarking on are people-oriented in nature.

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