The song Akwa Ibom Ayaya is still sweeping Akwa Ibom people at home and in diaspora off their feet.  It’s a creative combination of kicks that make your legs just start moving without your knowledge. To buttress that, Mish did a good work on his lyrics, and must have made people bother less about the man behind the beat. Pause! Stop the dancing and ask yourself “who is the man behind the beat I am dancing to?” This is a Exclusive, after having a chat with the hit maker who is responsible for the beat of Akwa Ibom Ayaya. His name is Bard Bishop, resides in Abuja but travels the world because of music, yet still finds time to lead the choir in his parish. He talks less with his mouth, but more with his hands through quality sound production. As tall and huge as he is, the dude is incredibly humble and down to earth. The full text of our interview with Bard Bishop will soon be ready! caught up with him in the studio hooking up a soon to be released hit. Here’s what we saw!

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