Just in time for the New Year, YNaija.com, one of the country’s most influential online platforms, has unveiled its first ever advertising campaign, emphasizing its leading identity as “The Internet Newspaper for Young Nigerians”.
“We are very excited to crystallize the character, message and focus of the brand with this new campaign,” said Aziza Uko-Douglas, editor-at-large for the website. “YNaija.com has succeeded in presenting both young Nigerians and the broader population a news nexus that presents more than just news, opinion, entertainment and lifestyle—and that is the reason we have had sustained and phenomenal growth over the past year. We’re raring to go for 2013!”
The message of the campaign is simple: YNaija.com dedicated to delivering a fresh perspective that encapsulates forward-thinking momentum of young Nigeria and adds a new dynamic to the general discourse—it is the game-changer. Each one of the seven adverts in the campaign captures a slice of story of the YNaija.com whole, and speaks to its ambitious goals, to give its audience more—more depth, more analysis, more entertainment, more insight, all right at a click of a button.
The campaign will be widely available online (including on social media sites), in magazines and outdoor billboards across the country. To view the entire series of adverts, visit http://www.ynaija.com/the-internet-newspaper-for-young-nigerians-ynaija-com-unveils-first-ever-ad-campaign-look/ or follow @YNaija on Twitter.
YNaija.com also serves as the expansive online nucleus for the Y! brands, which include: Y! TV (Rubbin’ Minds), Y! Magazine, Y! Radio (#IAmNigeria), Y! events (#Hashtag, The Annual Black Ball), and Teen Y!.

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  1. YNaija is the internet newspaper for young Nigerians, focused on the issues and ideas that matter for an evolving generation.

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