I had a neighbor who said that a newly born baby does not open up his palm suddenly because he is holding on to his luggage. Funny but the truth is that a good father would not send a son on a mission empty handed, least of all food and water. Talent is a gift for the benefit of mankind; what we do with it is appreciating God’s divine effort. He gave every man and woman a gift without demanding interest or collateral.
Still many are complaining ‘I don’t have a talent! I can’t discover my talent! David was a man with many talents. As a king, he was a warrior; he could write, sing and dance.
An important illustration is the fig tree. I used to call it the fruitless tree. If it is possible for a vegetable that crawls on the ground to bear fruit, what hinders a big tree from doing even more?
Jesus did not ask Mr Fig tree “Why can’t you bear fruit? Is the weather too harsh? Don’t you like your environment? He cursed it instantly “May you never bear fruit again!
Some talents are like that, either stunted or fruitless. Talent is not enough just being a seed, you need a fertile land to plant and nurtured it to grow. The best part is taking off the weeds so it won’t over grow. Your effort is the fruit.
Fear is a detractor of talent. Do not be afraid of using your talent or gift? Your talent may be an inspiration to someone else to serve God. There is no price for getting a talent but there is a prize if you do something positive with it.
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Mfon Etinah is our guest writer 

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