Prayer is the hotline that is never switch off, so pray unceasingly. It is also the best communication network to speak with God. His ears are big enough to hear the prayer of every man. The best thing about communicating with God is that he doesn’t put you on hold. Telephone and other communication devices could be switch off, busy or voice-mailed.  
Praying shows submissiveness to the highest authority. Humility before God brings upliftment before men. Prayer is the spiritual artist of our life; it can draw your destiny into a beautiful scenario. It is an unseen power to lift up our burden. Make praying a habit and discover yourself as heritage to God’s promises.
It is the same like what we do in our family. Someone who communicates most without complaint and gossiping is the most likeable. They would get attention in their social group and anyway they found themselves.
Couple who pray knows how to put the family together and they are favored by God. A Child who communicates in good tone with his father is the most loved. He has a greater part in his inheritance.  
Your life is like a sphere dissected into smaller shapes.  Our prayer life is included and just as you work on every aspect of your life, make your prayer life a routine and you will have a lifeline with God.
Our hands cannot carry a big rock but prayer can move mountains because it is the power of God. If morning can give glory to God, what stops us that were created in his image?
 A Christian who doesn’t pray is like an empty parcel. The body may look good and beautiful but the spirit is weak. Don’t wait up for anybody, start praying and have your personal revelation and testimonies. God is able to make all things possible; he is the hope for the lost soul. He can heal. He can bless the future to be better than the past that you suffered.
If you are thinking of divorce which actually means destroy, God is ready to restore. Sometimes you don’t take irrational decision from the view and advice of your friends. God has all the answers to your queries. You can only do that by talking to Him through your prayers.
It could be a new start, a new life and a new living. Don’t be coiled up by your problems, let your father understand your needs. Don’t jump from mountains to hills and valleys, stay with God because He is everywhere. No matter the depth and height of that problem, start praying today and have a testimony tomorrow.

Mfon Etinah is our guest writer

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