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In the past few weeks, I have witnessed a cocktail of vicious and hostile attacks on my person on account of my utterances or non-utterances (silence) concerning the activities of the administration of Governor Akpabio. On the Ibom Forum (the chat room of Akwaibomights -particularly those in diaspora), I was literally torn to shreds by those that singled me out for ‘complacency and silence in the face of all the atrocities that were being committed in the state’.Not long after, I got a text from a very high ranking officer of the state that read “I have just watched you on TV. So the state is not being well run, officers are over enjoying their offices? Weldone. I wish you ……”Those words, if you understand the system, are pretty weighty. My crime? I had gone on state television to very openly express my distaste for, and disgust at the flaunting of wealth by all these our PAs, SAs, SAs to PAs, PAs to SAs of PAs, and all that nonsense.

I had criticized the fact that our youths no longer understand the true route to sustainable progress, and that they now believe in the short cut called ‘appointment’ which has brought up the above ridiculous ‘offices’. Incidentally, I have preached this same sermon right from the previous administration.

While I maintain my stance that I have no reason to call governor Akpabio, satan, I, even in the face of the danger of being misunderstood, will NEVER turn a blind eye on any administration that will not address the issues of the future of our youths being mortgaged and sacrificed on the alter of the inordinate ambitions of our politicians and political office holders. Those ‘offices’ are not sustainable, and the future of our youths is being instalmentally extinguished.

Back to TuFace, Annie, and Governor Akpabio. I must admit that Gov Akpabio took a decision that I agree with totally. Considering that I had done a piece titled “The TuFace Magic Tips” some days before the TM, many would find my agreement with Gov Akpabio easy to understand, but that’s really not the case.

TuFace even as at the time that I wrote the piece, was still contemplating a small and quiet TM. As a matter of fact, his desire for a quiet and modest wedding (besides considering the dream of his wife) partially informed the famous Dubai wedding plans. TuFace is one man who has refused to be bitten by the bug called stardom, and I ‘love him die’ for that.

On Gov Akpabio’s decision that I fully endorse, my reasons are as follows:

Strategic Support. I believe that one of the essence of government is giving Strategic Support to her citizens. Any citizen of a state that attains an outstanding position in life MUST be supported by the state to move to the next level in the larger interest of the state, and to be a source of inspiration to others.

These people could be referred to as Ambassadors of the state. The fact that Annie has been able to attract the life time commitment of this man, is worth a second look.

Who is TuFace? TuFace is an African Icon of Nigerian extraction. This international phenomenon, this colossus of an artiste, this global Icon called TuFace, is not just a Nigerian, but an “Ukod” and consequently, an Ambassador of Akwa Ibom State, and this, on account of our patient and illustrious daughter called Annie.

Herein is the wisdom: Gov Akpabio seized the moment! A big fish swims into the waters and a discerning fisherman didn’t spare the net!

Today, on account of an SUV and N3million sponsorship, TuFace is no longer just as an in law of Annie’s parents, but now ADOPTED as an in law of Akwa Ibom State!

At no time will TuFace sneak into the state to see his ‘nuclear in laws’ and sneak out. Again, nowhere in the world will an issue concerning the state be mentioned where TuFace is, that he will not feel a sense of commitment and responsibility to rise to the occasion. Smart move GOV, -trust me!

Today, TuFace knows that he is married not just to a modest family somewhere in Eket, but to a DAUGHTER OF AKWA IBOM STATE!

The choice of Dubai is a sentiment in marriage that you never question. Every woman has her dreams. If you can afford it, please never deny her that day of days.

The couple made their choice long ago for a private wedding in their fairy romantic spot. It is not the place of Gov Akpabio to question. Rather, the sponsorship list should be so strategic as to include the PARENTS OF ANNIE AND OF TUFACE!

At no time in the life of TuFace’s mother will she tolerate any form of indignity to be meted on her Darling daughter by that young man. Gov Akpabio would have bought priceless marriage insurance for Annie with that singular gesture.

Other governors can also take advantage of the tourism potentials of hosting them to After-Wedding parties. Trust me, with little or nothing, Tinapa, Obudu, or any other tourism spot will witness a tsunami of convergence of stars -should they decide to host this couple to such celebrations.

That said, I may not, and will not always agree with Governor Akpabio. BUT, on this score, he sure has my vote.

For TuFace and Annie, Carry Go!!!

May your marriage be blessed with stability and success, and may the stability of your marriage be a source of inspiration to your colleagues in the “Celebrity” circle, in Jesus Name!

Culled from Arch. Ezekiel Nya-Etok’s Face Book Page.
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