Moses Armstrong - Akwa Ibom-born Nollywood actor and the recipient of the most sought-after Akwacross Actor in the just concluded Cross River Movie Awards had release the trailer of his latest movie 'Ndito Photographers'.
This Akwa Ibom most popular and finest actor is leaving no stone unturned on this one as he has acted in tonnes of movies in Nollywood and he sure knows the rudiment of a good movie.
In Ndito Photographers, Richy and Jimmy hit a big contract for a total package coverage of Chief Thomas' get-together party.
Richy jambs Chief committing murder in his line of duty and manages to escape with Jimmy running with the recorded tape of the crime.
Chief Thomas wants the tape and Ricky back at all cost, including Jimmy the white guy. Joe, Chief's hit-man swings into action with his boys in search of Richy and Jim.

People lose sleep. People are kidnapped at random. Chief is shattered, frightened and raged. Will Richy return the tape and survive? What happens at the end?

Watch out in this intriguing and suspense-filled comedy thriller. Produced and directed by Moses Armstrong.

Watch Trailer:

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