Dreams comes live to screen after 10 years of been in the making and writing, DREAMS – is a movie about Hopes and Dreams and the struggle we face in actualizing our dreams, this is the more reason why we should see this movie, and also why I decided to do a write-up on this movie, I have seen the preview and I strongly believe this is another common ground that Christians around the world would watch and learn and grow.
Dreams feature well-known cast members, including Grammy Award Nominee Angie Stone, Award-Winning Gospel Recording Artist Vickie Winans, Actress Terri J. Vaughn, and Actors Tommy Ford and Mel Jackson, Joseph Awinongya, Marvin Winans Jnr, Luo Meyers and many more. Dreams producers are Joel Kapity and Marvin Winans Jnr. More on this movie can be found on, http://dreamsthemovie.com/  this is a big break for Marvin Winans and we still expecting more.
The red carpet for this movie was held in November 2012 and people are already screaming for this movie. I believe this movie will bring hope to many people and help people who have been in such situation, regain a comeback in life.
Surprisingly not so long ago when I got him to send me his track “You Never Let Me down” from the album “Image of a man”, for air play as promo even before that album was released, I felt in love with that track.
Been a keen follower of the Winans family musical trends , What amazes me is that everyone in this family has great gifting with music.
It runs down with the likes of The Winans, Vickie Winans, Cece Winans, Bebe Winans , lots and lots to the very Mario Winans my dear virtual friend and Marvin Winans Jnr , all legendary, I would say I call them all “The Winans Dynasty”.
Born to Pastor Marvin L. Winans and Vickie Winans, half-brother to Mario Winans, started his music career at an early , his first ever songwriting skill show forth with a song titled “people” at 16 he formed his first music group, “One Way” with cousin and friends, but we really felt him, when he turned 18 and formed the group, Winans Phase 2, the hit an album titled “We Got Next”.
In 2002 did Winans family tour, Marvin has achieved a lot but never the least he recently added to his numerous achievement the Movie Dreams, which is been premiered in major USA cities and across the globe and he is Happily married.
Recently Marvin Winans was in Africa, speaking about the Crisis in Congo and also raising awareness so other people and the world powers could help stop the Congo brutal killings by the Rebels in the War torn country that has left many homeless and fatherless.Writer
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