Every novel no matter how intriguing, exciting and interesting has a purpose. A purpose of a novel cannot be defined by just reading the theme or title. A book has different chapters which vary in narration, description and conversation. Just like an author is the writer of a book, God is the creator of life.
He has a purpose of turning a void and formless dark earth into a beautiful scenario full of living and non living things. Before a manuscript can be transcript into a novel, it has to pass through the different phases of editing, typesetting, proofreading and printing.In comparison, life also has different phases, in time and seasons. Life does not just begin or end with you being a handsome man or beautiful woman.

You need to pass through different phases before you could be anything. Just like a book, your life can be a bestseller, not by beauty but your duty.

Don’t expect to have everything when you are not ready to work for anything. Don’t be desperate for gains but not ready for pains.

They need favor without labor. Don’t desire success without trials. The beginning of every life has a price and the end of it has a prize.

No man is an outcast. You are owned by the author of life and He has created clean sheet of pages for you to fulfill your destiny.

No matter the circumstances you faced in life, understand the purpose of your creation first and know that no one will fulfill your destiny except YOU!

Mfon Etinah is our guest writer

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