A good name is better than precious ointment. Then a bad name must be exactly the opposite or even worst. Impression is the life you live and expression is the legacy you leave behind. How does your life affect another? Is it positive or negative? Does your life add value to your neighborhood? Or is it a saucy success? Does it motivate others into success? Or is it another billboard of failure? Impression does not have anything to do with riches or the level of education one attains in life? No matter your status, it is a choice.
Remember the woman who put her last dime in the collection box. Her expression is read by generation as the widow’s mite, yet stood above all the wealth of the richest men.
Don’t shut yourself out of the house. If you throw a key into a deep river, you will never it. Uncover yourself by the choices you make and discover who you are by the decisions you take.

If you don’t impress people, you cannot express yourself before them. Look beyond your thoughts, actions and deeds. Be a mentor and not a monster then you will realize that the future generation will learn from the past footprint.

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