New kid on the block Indigenous MaliQ a.k.a Ikpa Udoh had his ‘Play Me’ video shoot today at Lounge Uno, Uyo! Ikpa Udoh does his rap in both his indigenous (Ibibio) and english languages. ‘Play Me’ has been rocking the Nigerian airwaves for over 6 months now! Here’s ‘Itikpeke’ also done by Indigenous MaliQ. [Click Here to listen]. Today’s video shots were handled by Indian-trained Cinematographer and the CEO of Creative Nigerian TV – Eddie Brendan. There were lots of celebrities and fans storming the venue of the video shoot and brings to you exclusive pictures of the video shot. Enjoy!
Otyno on set
Eddie Brendan doing what he knows how to do best

More Otyno…
Felix Balton a.k.a Kotix with Ekom
Nelson ‘Sombodi’ Nseabasi and Prince ‘Goldenchyld’ Simeon of
Ubong C-Panel [Middle] and friend
Wemxy Cool and Friend
Eddie Brendan and the girls…
More Action!!
Otyno, Indigenous MaliQ and AK Smooth on set
Otyno, Indigenous MaliQ and AK Smooth on set
Pope Don X
Ms Corine
Guest glancing through a copy of e101 Magazine
Ubong ‘Kardynal’ Ekanem of Kardynal Kommunikationz
Indigenous MaliQ on set
Indigenous MaliQ on set
Indigenous MaliQ on set
Top Model John John with friend
Nelson and friends
Fans having fun!!
More Action!!
Libra, Pattina and friends
AK Smooth and Prince ‘Goldenchyld’ Simeon of
Saha Nsek of
Austyno Udoh and Popular Producer Effextz
L’J-esus a.k.a Saaviour of Rap
Indigenous MaliQ on set…
Popular Comedians Mc Spinosky and Sir James with friend
More Action…
Otyno, Indigenous MaliQ and Ak Smooth
Indigenous MaliQ and Aniekan Ekah of
Feelingz, Indigenous MailQ and Nelson ‘Sombodi’ NseAbasi
iLLRhymes and Indigenous MaliQ
Indigenous MailQ and AKsidimp3
Indigenous MaliQ with popular DJ  PeeJay
Libra and Pope Don X

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