Being married to someone who cannot fulfill your physical and emotional needs could be traumatizing. There are lots of frustrated women in the society who would kill for a chance to leave their husbands.

The joy of being married turns sour when the ladies’ expectations are cut short when they discover that their beloved husbands are not tigers in bed. Indeed, it is annoying for one to have to toss and turn in bed because of some throbbing between the legs when you have a full grown man as a husband.

The older generation has a lot of patience as they seem to know how to handle such cases. They do all they can to help the men function as men by guiding them and helping them find solution where possible. However, the same cannot be said of the younger generation.

Nowadays, ladies have a voracious appetite when it comes to love-making and may not be able to cope without being fully satisfied. Having a husband whose performance makes you consider the need to be with another man is horrifying for ladies who have sworn never to cheat.

Thus, divorce may be the only way for the concerned ladies. As pristine as this plan is, we would be sharing with you some thoughts about why you need not leave your husband for lack of sexual gratification.

Find some of these reasons below:

1. You swore for better for worse

Why you should not leave your husband on sexual grounds

Fighting couple

If you leave your husband because he failed to meet your needs sexually, then you have failed maritally.

You did not take that oath for good days only, you did not stand in front of the alter to stand by him only when his willy functions.

If you took that oath because you saw some potentials in him, then you can actually stand by him and help him become the man of your dreams.

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2. He may not be aware

Why you should not leave your husband on sexual grounds

Couple sleeping in bed

Some women find it odd to talk to their husbands about issues that have to do with sexuality. Sometimes, the men may not know that they are not performing up to expectation because women make them feel they are good enough.

Instead of considering divorce, you might as well sit him down and talk about it. Do not worry about him thinking you have been with a lot of men while you are guiding him. You are not on this journey alone.

3. You may be adding to his pain

Why you should not leave your husband on sexual grounds

Couple having a heated argument

Every man wants to give his wife a swell time in bed; if your husband discovers he has failed you sexually, he may be filled with guilt.

You should be supportive in times like this and not rub it in his face. Men naturally are egoistic; a sensitive issue like this may rub him of his self-esteem.

Instead of soliciting for a divorce, show him how deep your love is. You never can tell how bad the next man you will be meeting is.

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4. You may be the catalyst to the solution

Why you should not leave your husband on sexual grounds

A happy couple in bed

It is beyond ridiculous for you to give up on the man you love simply because he cannot perform. Love is deeper than sex and you should live based on this.

Running away from your problems will not give you the avenue to grow. Take a bold step of faith and help him find a solution to this problem. Men function better when they have strong women beside and behind them.

watch the video below to see why you should not consider leaving your husband:

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