A huge fire outbreak occurred yesterday evening, September 7th, within a sniffing distance of one of Nigeria’s four refineries, in Ubeji, Warri, Delta state.


A fully loaded oil tanker reportedly caused the fire after falling down on Ubeji road by School Junction around Torbless Filling Station.

After waiting endlessly for fire services, the fire fighters finally arrived but in the process of putting out the fire, ran out of water and had to retreat thereby causing more damage, until another set of fire fighters arrived and eventually put out the fire.

Eyewitnesses have expressed shock and blamed the bad nature of the roads in Ubeji for this incident.


There have been no recorded deaths so far but several houses and shops were burnt down.


A similar incident occurred at the Warri refinery in 2013 when fire gutted a section of the Warri Refining and Petrochemical Company which started from one of its refining plants in the complex and was reported to have engulfed most parts of Warri in a huge overcast of smoke.