Lil Wayne is on his sixth day in the intensive care unit Monday, after suffering a seizure as a result of an alleged drug overdose. TMZ reports the rapper isn’t well enough to be moved from the ICU, but his condition has stabilized a bit since Friday’s reports that he might not make it.
Weezy was surrounded by friends and family members over the weekend. Famous friends like Drake, Mack Maine, Birdman, and NBA star Chris Paul came to cheer him up and Nicki Minaj even brought a bouquet of balloons.
The rapper’s mother reportedly flew in Friday and has been at her son’s side.Apparently the mood is “very serious” at the hospital, but things are looking up. One of the rapper’s best friends, Mack Maine, left for NYC late Sunday so he must not be too worried that Wayne will take a turn for the worst at this point.Wayne apparently had his stomach pumped three times after it was believed that he had overdosed on Sizzurp, a concoction made from prescription cough medicine (codeine), soda, and hard candy.
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