Every day, a new song is released, everyday; the music industry welcomes a new talent, from their respective locality, but made global by the power of the internet and other media. But I do not think the industry is ready for Kemical and his musical Reaction. Following up his 2012 E.P, Kemical is about to make a grand entry in to the entertainment industry. As man cannot stop a chemical reaction, as such, Kemical real names Ekemini Akpanumun cannot be stooped. 
An Artiste with so much energy in delivery and stage performance; Kemical is a talented singer, songwriter and performer who, although without a Masters degree like Naeto C, after basic studies in Nigeria, he is already pursuing a second degree in the United States, where he obtained his Associates of Science Degree at Eastfield College and then transferred to the University of North Texas, gunning for Bachelor of Science in Health Education
The genre is called Afro Pop music, and he just dropped a banger in the first quarter of 2013 titled ” hold my baby ”.
Enjoy it!
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