On Saturday 20th July, 2013, all roads in Uyo led to Sapphire & Pearls Hall as members of Fela Durotoye’s Nation Building Forum GEMSTONE got inducted as “Nation Builders” in the organization. GEMSTONE fully know as Generation Empowered Motivated and Stirred to Operate with Natural Excellence is an organization with a different value system and their mode of operation totally rests on excellence and uprightness. These people are the stakeholders of the New Nigeria.

GEMSTONE Induction is the first of its kind in a nation where doing the wrong things is fast becoming a new normal these people have decided to be the foundation for a paradigm shift.

A shift that will bring about what they call…Nigeria the world’s most desirable nation to live in come 2013. GEMSTONE has in its membership the finest of Nigeria’s kind.
The South Regional Director Mmanti Umoh, speaking at the forum had this to say “We often pray for change and desire change. However change has its own risks. Change is most traumatic when its least expected. The best way to be able to manage and survive change is by participating in creating the change. Change and the need for change are an important constant. 

We need to keep changing and asking ourselves how we can change. The spirit of continuous improvement is critical in shaping national greatness. Without change there can be no improvement, but there can be no improvement without change. 
Nation Building involves the maintenance and strengthening of the values, beliefs, behaviour’s, life-ways, the touchstones that illustrate a people’s history and culture in order to safeguard the nation’s present and insure its future in independence and security.”
She further said, “we embrace the concept of nation-building as an indigenous process comprising national leadership and a national vision – an “endogenous” school of thought. We see it as providing a more solid foundation for state-building. In our ever changing world of interdependence, economic development and stiff competition, nation-building has become used interchangeably with state-building, which focuses on the systemic – institutions and infrastructure. We see a successful nation-building process as a prelude to state-building, through which the nation’s beliefs and values are codified and formalized into a governmental structure.

Ambassadors from Imo, Abia, Rivers and Akwa Ibom were inducted and we are reliably informed that 7 other chapters are spread round Nigeria and more to come.Here’s Fela Durotoye’s Welcome Speech!

Well said I must agree we look out to see them effect the change they dare to so speak about. Well they set the ball rolling with the rolling out of Signing of #ChildNotBride Petition in South Nigeria. Though the event was strictly on invitation, yours truly was on point to get these pictures.

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