The entire Face of Rhodies World team  specially congratulate Rhodies World ambassador Miss Kate Patrick for a successful tenure as she prepares to hand over her office as FRW season 2 winner to another worthy ambassador. Kate Patrick’s tenure ends on October 31, 2013. The search for the next Face of Rhodies World ambassador had long begun and voting is in progress. In a month time, a new Face will emerge.

Voting for the New Face begins on Nov. 1, 2013. Hence Rhodies World is proud to have identified with ambassador Kate Patrick and we promise to always support, assist and stand by her where ever we can and above all, we wish her a successful pursuit in her career.

Click HERE to see photos of the Contestants for FRW Season 3. TEAM FACE OF RHODIES WORLD.

Kate_Patrick_Face_Of_rhodies_world_2nd_edition_winner-6 Kate_Patrick_Face_Of_rhodies_world_2nd_edition_winner-1 Kate_Patrick_Face_Of_rhodies_world_2nd_edition_winner-12 Kate_Patrick_Face_Of_rhodies_world_2nd_edition_winner-11 Kate_Patrick_Face_Of_rhodies_world_2nd_edition_winner-7 Kate_Patrick_Face_Of_rhodies_world_2nd_edition_winner-8

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