The Chris Brown Rihanna romance is OFFICIALLY A WRAP . . . thanks to Rihanna’s mentor JAY Z. According to one of Rihanna’s PEEPS Jay Z and the people at RocNation have been trying their HARDEST to keep Rihanna AWAY from Chris Brown – whom they believe is HURTING her career.
After WEEKS to pressure, Rihanna finally relented. Tells the insider, “When you have people that you TRUST telling you that [Chris Brown] will ruin your career every day . . . at some point you’re like f*ck it [her relationship with Chris Brown].”
And that’s exactly what Rihanna did. After a brief WHIRLWIND ROMANCE, Rihanna has officially FIRED Chris Brown . . . and sent him BACK to Karrueche. The insider explained, “Rih told [Chris] over the weekend.” But Rih made it OFFICIAL to the world in a tweet sent out yesterday where she called herself “single”.
And Rih was REWARDED for DROPPING DUDE. According to our insider, Jay Z bought her a $200K Porsche 911 TURBO as a THANK YOU gift.
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