Afro-pop Singer Segun Bucknor Dies

Afro-pop artiste from the 70’s, Segun Bucknor passed away today in a Lagos hospital after a brief illness, he was aged 71.

Bucknor who started his musical career under the tutelage of highlife singer, Roy Chicago later on became leader of the band called the Assembly. Mike Nelson Cole, and Sunmi Smart Cole were members of the band.

The band recorded a couple of soul songs such as Lord Give Me Soul and I Will Love You No Matter How.[1] Gradually the group migrated from soul songs to a style of afrobeat, in their performance, a dancing trio called the Sweet Things were included. In 1970, they released Son on January 15th a proto-Afrobeat sound.

Some of the bands popular songs included politically charged tracks like sorrow, sorrow, sorrow and poor man no get brother, before its popularity began to slip.

Segun Bucknor a Nigerian journalist and musician was born in Lagos in 1946.

He attended Kings College and was a member of the schools band and choir.

He traveled to U.S to study for a couple of years, after his return in 1968.

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