The amazing thing is that sugar is sweet but it is not put in soup. Sugar will never give a delicious taste to a soup; it is salt. A detractor is not an enemy or weapon of warfare but a sugar in your soup. He or she could be a friend or family, even someone you love. Someone who would never give your idea a second thought.Ideas are the best assets any man could own. It is a piece of information from God. A source of wealth. Salt of life. A building material of success. A little idea can build an empire.

Be choosy about who you share your ideas with. No matter how creative and well- polished your ideas are, some people would still be like bumps on the highway. They want the best for you but not in your own idea.

Think of your idea like a ship. You are the Captain. Therefore you are in charge. Don’t overload your idea with suggestion of detractors. If it comes to worst……Let them stay out of the ship.

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